Nusa Penida Island is located southeast of Bali. It will take you only a short 30-minute trip by speedboat to get there. The island is famous for its amazingly beautiful natural landscape and world-class diving sites. Other than that, its residents are very hospitable and friendly.

Following certain historical events, Nusa Penida, or, as it was known among locals, the black magic island, was once believed to be inhabited by dark spirits. For many years, this land had been bypassed, visited only for pilgrimage purposes to perform a special ceremony ritual, which was thought to result in maintaining the balance between the good and the evil forces. Along with that, in the 18th century, Nusa Penida was a place of exile for prison inmates. These circumstances, coupled with limited opportunities for agricultural development, contributed to the fact that the Balinese were reluctant to explore the area. Consequently, for a long time, this picturesque tropical nook was not part of tourist routes.

More recently, the situation began to change. The island started to become more and more popular among tourists. It’s worth noting that, being relatively isolated and lacking in good infrastructure, the island has retained its pristine beautiful nature in all its diversity and splendour.

Visitors to the island can enjoy magnificent breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, uniquely beautiful Hindu style temples, paradise lagoons, charming white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters, as well as get acquainted with local traditions and customs, and, of course, experience fascinating diving and snorkelling.

Island diving sites, such as Crystal Bay, Pura Ped, and Toya Pakeh, will appeal to drift diving enthusiasts. Moderate current makes for rich flora and fauna. These areas teem with various adorable sea creatures and stunning vibrant coral gardens. Divers can delight in observing large schools of colourful reef fish, giant sea turtles, as well as in swimming with gracious manta rays. And if lucky, there is a chance to spot a peculiar Mola Mola fish!

Goa Giri Putri Temple, set within a cave in the village of Karangsari, is one of the most interesting landmarks on the island. It is a sacred place visited by believers to pay respect to gods and ask for blessings.

Pura Penataran Ped Temple is another cultural highlight to visit. Located in the northern coastal village of Ped, this mysterious and enigmatic temple attracts tourists with its atypical architecture. For Hindu, Pura Ped Temple is an important pilgrimage site. A prayer pronounced within its walls is believed to have the power to protect against disease.

Broken Beach should definitely be one of the top things to do on Nusa Penida. A huge arched tunnel bizarrely formed in the core of the rock gives this place a zest. The pit is opened at one end, letting the emerald color waters in, making a natural pool. It is impossible to swim here, but you can admire the incredible landscapes and take atmospheric photos.

Only a 400 meter walk away from Broken Beach will take you to Angel’s Billabong Beach. After high tide, the coastal rocky formations are filled with refreshing calm ocean waters. The layout allows for a structure resembling a natural infinity pool. Mighty crashing waves along the edge of the coastline make a beautiful contrast with still blue waters of the lagoon. It is a perfect place to hang out with friends and have some relaxing time.

The most photographed spot on the island is Kelingking Beach. A beautiful sandy white beach, with crystal clear turquoise waters, is enclosed by cliffs shaped like a dinosaur (for that reason it also goes under the T-Rex name). On the top of the cliff, you can find a chill-out spot to catch a sunset to remember or take the legendary photo against the background of a picturesque landscape. For physically fit people, we recommend making the descend to the beach. With its rather steep bamboo staircase, one should be very careful when climbing down. Not many people come down here, so you will find yourself on an almost private dreamy beach.

In the eastern part of the island, there is another gem – Diamond Beach. Soft silky white sands, sky-blue ocean waters, tropical palm trees, and dazzling limestone cliffs… This absolutely surreal landscape will leave you speechless. You can watch this beauty from atop the cliff or descend to the beach by walking down the beautiful stairway carved into the rock hill wall.

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