Looking to take a beautiful photo for your Instagram feed while in Bali? We have selected some exceptionally photogenic places and attractions that will get the most ‘likes’. Choose your favorite and go get inspired!


Experience the feeling of freedom and thrill as you fly over a dizzying cliff-top overlooking cascading rice terraces, winding rivers, paradise palm orchards, and picturesque waterfalls. Bali Swing mini-park is known to be one of the most fascinating tourist attractions, as well as a great shooting spot to take some awesome instagram-worthy pictures. Visitors to the park will have a choice of several swing options ranging from less to more extreme. And if you are not a fan of heights, no worries here – you can capture a cute photo in a large wicker nest or a romantic one in a bed against the backdrop of just as much atmospheric scenery of Bali.


Imagine… The cascades of waterfalls framed by mighty sheer cliffs shrouded in lush green diversity of the tropical rainforest are rushing down from the height of 80 meters forming a scenic lake at the bottom of a gorge. Arrows of water create thick water mist that enveils the surroundings, and the sound of the waterfalls echoes birds chirping and rustling trees… Sekumpul is the highest and considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. The road to the falls is not the easiest one and will require a little effort but what you’ll get to experience when you reach this magical place will definitely be a reward. Furthermore, the photo opportunities here are amazing!


Handara Gate is a stone structure built in the traditional Balinese style and resembles an entrance to a Hindu temple. This landmark is located in the northern part of Bali at an altitude of 1400 meters and nestles inside a crater of an extinct volcano. Despite actually being just an entrance to the Handara Golf resort area the gate has become extremely popular with tourists hunting for a perfect instaphoto. Its popularity is quite justified by the epic landscape of this area. Think about it… In the middle of neatly maintained garden lawns through a massive smoky color mossy gate passes a strip of road stretching into infinity against the background of immense mountains wrapped in charming dark green forests. Isn’t it a perfect scenery for a stunning photo?


La Plancha is an iconic beach bar and restaurant in Seminyak. A cute and cozy little place that will surely add pops of vibrant juicy tones to your Instagram feed. Silhouettes of gorgeous Balinese umbrellas and brightly colored beanbags in the romantic lighting of shining lights against the backdrop of a fairytale sunset, passing from soft blue to yellowy-orange or even pinky-purple, make for wonderful photo opportunities. Spend an evening here enjoying the tropical vibe with a glass of margarita in your hand!


Situated in Tabanan regency the vast Jatiluwih rice terraces stretch over thousands of hectares covering layer by layer slanting hills and mountain slopes. Here rice cultivation has become true art. The captivating view of the emerald carpet is so surreal that it’s hard to believe your own eyes and in the existence of this wonder of the world. Harvesting is carried out up to 3 times a year, during the sowing period you can observe the beautiful shimmering of sunlight and the outlines of curly clouds reflecting on the water surface of paddy rice fields. Get your camera ready and head over to the Jatiluwih terraces to take a dream photo!

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