Three Gili islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air – are located a few kilometers off the northwest coast of the Indonesian island of Lombok. These charming tropical islands captivate travelers with its gentle pace of life and enchanting atmosphere of seclusion and romanticism. Each island is authentic and alluring in its own way, but all of them boast idyllic white sandy beaches with crystal clear emerald blue waters, unique diving opportunities, and impeccable hospitality.

Gili Trawangan can be described as the most cosmopolitan of the three Gili islands. It’s the largest and liveliest island with well-developed infrastructure, offering a great range of upscale dining and accommodation options, and being renowned for throwing unforgettable vibrant parties in the evenings. Aside from the laid-back beach culture, the island’s main activity is scuba diving. Numerous reputable diving schools offer affordable professional courses and diving experience in the most beautiful sites of the underwater world. In the southwest, sipping on a glass of sangria in one of the beach bars, you can enjoy a dazzling sunset against the background of Mount Agung, and then head over to the eastern part of the island to dance the night away.

On Gili Meno Island reigns a honeymoon atmosphere. Its rhythms will resonate with those who want to escape the outside world and enjoy time spent alone with their family and loved ones. The island is surrounded by amazingly picturesque coral reefs. An underwater art installation by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor entitled Nest and depicting a circle of 48 life-sized human figures is one of the most iconic attractions. There are not too many activities to be found on Gili Meno, and that’s the beauty of it. You can leisurely stroll along the coastline, taking in the stunning island scenery, read your favorite book while swaying in a hammock under the shade of coconut palms or have dinner in a romantic setting by the ocean.

Gili Air Island lays somewhere between Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. It harmoniously combines the party vibe inherent to Gili Trawangan with the atmosphere of complete peace and bliss attributed to Gili Meno. Being located closest to Lombok mainland, Gili Air allows you to witness the most gorgeous sunrise with breathtaking views out towards Lombok’s mountainous northern coast and Rinjani, its highest and most active volcano. The island has several diving centers, as well as many places where you can rent snorkeling equipment. In the evening, you can go to listen to live music performed by local bands or watch a movie projected on a big screen in an open-air movie theater by the ocean.

It is worth noting that motor vehicles are prohibited on all Gili islands. The area of the islands is somewhat small, and all distances are easily covered by foot. Although, for your convenience, you can rent a bicycle to get around or take a horse-drawn cart.

A trip between Bali and Gili can be made by speedboat, depending on the starting point and the destination, the road will take from 45 minutes to 2,5 hours.

Each island has a distinctive individuality. Choose what suits you best and go on an adventure to the island of your dreams! Vera Villas company will be happy to assist you in organizing a comfortable transfer to the Gili Islands. Feel free to contact our managers to find out more.

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