Areas in Bali. Where to stay?

Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu…? Are you struggling to find to place to stay or maybe even to live? Vera Villas is happy to answer all your questions regarding areas in Bali

bali areas
Different areas in Bali


A few years ago Kuta was considered as the center of tourist life. It is still quite popular, but people more and more prefer other areas. There are several reasons: noise, dirt, crowds of street sellers. Many buildings have not been updated since tourism began to develop, which is several decades. Hence, relatively low prices for rental and food.  Also all year round there are good waves for beginner surfers.


The borders between Kuta and Seminyak are quite blurred. You just go along the beach up north, and you will see luxury villas, 5-star hotels, and restaurants – welcome to Seminyak! A huge concentration of good places to eat and hang out. Many of the most famous beach clubs such as Potato Head and Ku De Ta are located here. Prices are a little higher than in Kuta, but the quality is very good. It is also cleaner and quieter. Many expats choose to live here. For us in Vera Villas, Seminyak is the most pleasant and comfortable area to live in. Wherever you want to go, everywhere is close to you and convenient to get to. Good surfing for beginners as well.  Book your private villa in Seminyak with Vera Villas here


Expats love Umalas. Although the last couple of years, Umalas became very popular among tourists as well. It is a great mix of a huge selection of decent restaurants of the Seminyak level and at the same time the tranquility and pacification of green Canggu. You have easy access to everything, avoiding big traffic. Private villas in Umalas are freshly built and the daily rental price is quite lower. Have a look at our villas in Umalas here


We move further to the north and we come across Canggu. In terms of hotels, prices, restaurants, and people, Canggu is similar to Seminyak. Just more spacious with its rice terraces. Canggu could be an even better place to live then Seminyak, but…. the crazy traffic jams can drive anyone mad. Even though there are tons of cool places to eat and hang out. Surfing here is for a more advanced level.

Bukit (except Nusa Dua) ​​

High cliffs, expensive resorts,  hard to swim beaches, but crazy views of the ocean from above, serpentine –  the beauty of the Ungasan and Uluwatu districts is very different from other parts of Bali. The only thing that we don’t like, it is too far away from everything else (about an hour to Seminyak). There are some good places to eat. Good serving for experienced surfers

Nusa Dua 

White sand, clear water, swimming beaches, expensive hotels. Package tourists and tour agents love Nusa Dua. That is why it quite expensive, but very clean. Come to Nusa Dua to swim without waves in clear water and lie on a well-kept beach.


Ubud is a village in the middle of the jungle and rice fields. 1.5 hours drive from Seminyak. Long story short, if you are fond of yoga, meditation, different spiritual practices, this place is definitely for you. If you are not in love with such things, you can still try painting, clay, or cooking classes, cycling around rice fields. We almost forgot to mention there is a big choice of great spa places. The weather is more cool and pleasant. There are a lot of cool places to eat. It’s very comfortable to work, so many expats are living here, as things like the ocean and clubs will not distract (it’s 1.5 -2 hours to go to the nearest beach). From here it is good to explore the north of the island with its volcanoes, waterfalls, and hot springs

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