Affordable Umalas villa in Bali

private villa in Umalas
Villa Sukha

Just couple years ago Umalas wasn’t considered as a tourist destination at all. Now it is one of the most touristic destinations in the south Bali. Many great restaurants and yoga centres on the one hand and local people who engaged in agricultural activities on the other hand. Many tourists are residing in secluded villas in Umalas. This area is for those whose desire is beautiful villa and who don’t mind to drive 10 minutes to the closest beach.

Pool villa Bali for family vacation

Staying in Umalas is the best choice if you arrive at Bali to spend some time with family because you hardly find nightclubs in Umalas, never ending parties and noisy neighbours. Many villas are built every year around rice fields. Architects do really know how to satisfy dear guests and design the most pleasurable villas to stay at.  Contact us to rent a villa in Umalas.


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