Founded in 2017, Vera Villas has already reached great heights in its field. At the core of our business is our customers – on both sides of the booking process. We strive to secure the best business for villa owners and the best vacations for our guests.

Vera Villas team


We do things the right way on the first try.  Whenever we are met with difficulties or problems – we make it our business to eliminate it as fast and as efficiently as possible. The main priorities in all of our interactions are honesty and respect.


For us, the most prominent resource and the key to success is our people. We believe in treating each other, guests, customers, business associates and colleagues with the utmost respect and care. In our team, we constantly set new goals and examples for one another.  We try to start every day with the idea – “how can we make the lives of those around us easier and better?”. Every guest of ours is considered a high priority and we always try to get guest feedback on all services provided. We try to get a little better every day. You could say that we strive to treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

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